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Our laundry professionals will carefully sort, wash, and dry your laundry per your instructions — and triple-check all garment care labels. Everything will be returned to you in neatly folded, drawer-ready bundles. Same day pick-up is also available!

We love our customers

David BriceDavid Brice
02:58 15 Jun 24
18:59 09 Jun 24
Such a nice and independent laundry mat. No hassle, no workers watching your every move. But still available via phone if here’s any questions. All electronically ran. Very comfortable setting! Laundry day was nice and easy. Prices are kinda high but that’s expected at any laundry mat in this day and age. In and out in a lil less than an hour!
Sean DanielsSean Daniels
14:39 31 May 24
Amy LarsenAmy Larsen
16:14 30 May 24
Love this place! Always so clean! The convenience of not having to have a pocket full of quarters is super nice! We had an issue with the card machine this morning, and she was there in less than 15 mins to take care of the issue. Check them out!
doc millsdoc mills
20:34 21 May 24
This laundromat is the best. Such nice people, and very clean. Don't have to worry about change, it takes debit/credit directly in the machines or you can purchase a laundry card and it works at all their locations. Greatest place ever!! Definitely 10/10
Wendi SperryWendi Sperry
15:45 17 May 24
I think this place was great, tons of space, I was almost in and out within an hour
Allyson HaynieAllyson Haynie
00:31 02 May 24
Deda StroudDeda Stroud
23:50 01 May 24
amazing slimeamazing slime
23:49 01 May 24
mckenzie pratermckenzie prater
15:43 01 May 24
This is the best laundromat in Kenova hands down. There is plenty of washer and dryers to use, the staff keep everything clean and looking great! The attendants are very helpful with any problems you could have, and are always just a button push away, I highly recommend people to use the laundry rack in kenova 🙂
Natasha BradleyNatasha Bradley
01:59 01 May 24
Great experience! Clean and nice!
Casey JudeCasey Jude
23:07 23 Apr 24
Clean, the dryers don't smell bad. Would recommend
Michael ReedMichael Reed
15:48 12 Apr 24
Okay, so my drain pump died on my washing machine, just in line with new family visiting so I had to squirrel away experiments and laundry until I had a chance to take a look. The part is two days away by mail but laundry needs done todayI google laundry mats and the reviews are typically awful. One little place in Kenova seems to be the exception. I decide to gamble my time and try it out.Well, I was pleasantly shocked! It was clean, lit, better than average chairs, and the machines work well, and fast.I feared the all day laundry experience and instead am typing this as the clothes seems to be drying quickly. Unlike many places the machines actually dry before you qualify for social security.
A. Cohen ClarkeA. Cohen Clarke
12:05 11 Apr 24
Great professional service with the pickup and delivery laundry option. Really helps out when you do shift work. Chloe did a great job on my order.
Jerry FariasJerry Farias
20:14 06 Apr 24
Chloe did a fantastic job on my clothes. She folded them very neatly and placed them in a plastic bag and then placed them into my laundry bag…..Great job! Thank you so very kindly.
14:36 02 Apr 24
This place is clean. Everything works. On sight camera security. We will be using this facility again when the need arises.
Melinda BootonMelinda Booton
21:48 31 Mar 24
Very clean
Kimberly LitchfieldKimberly Litchfield
04:15 28 Mar 24
Very clean and affordable Equipment always working ! Easy to use ! Plenty of space ! Great place !
Jesscina HinkleJesscina Hinkle
09:36 16 Mar 24
Manuela M. ClarkManuela M. Clark
23:59 29 Feb 24
Chloe washed and folded my boyfriend and I’s laundry. She’s taken care of him a few times, however, she’s taken care of me as well. I want the whole world to know that we highly recommend her and her excellent services! She washed our clothes and folded them like a BossLady! Her customer service is perfection. We don’t deserve her but thank God we have her! She’s worth every penny and then some! THANK YOU CHLOE!
Danny LockhartDanny Lockhart
23:03 13 Feb 24
Ally VilledaAlly Villeda
20:58 08 Feb 24
Whitley SalmonsWhitley Salmons
21:11 03 Feb 24
Very nice & clean place! Came in this morning with my 2 & 5 year old. Owners are exceptionally sweet & helpful! She even helped me get my kids to the car with all of my laundry! THE HELP WAS INCREDIBLE! We absolutely will be back ❤️
James CooperJames Cooper
15:31 28 Jan 24
Jason HarrisJason Harris
18:06 27 Jan 24
Excellent management and professionalism. Exceptionally tidy. Chloe seamlessly manages the establishment and ensures that your experience is uncomplicated. Without a doubt the finest location in Huntington.
James ForeJames Fore
22:21 18 Jan 24
Card said Chloe so if you’re who handled my shop towels I thank you. Contacted by a gentleman for servicing my detail towels at my shop. Picked up, Cleaned, color coded and folded. Delivered back to me in around 24 hours. Very impressed easy 5*
Taylor CurryTaylor Curry
01:13 31 Dec 23
Could not say better things about this place! It was timely, super clean, and the employee I talked to was prompt and nice. I washed my giant comforter and very large throw and it was quick and they smell great. The woman who folded them even put dryer sheets in the bags to make sure they were fresh. 10/10
Will WilsonWill Wilson
02:39 21 Dec 23
Chloe was super friendly and very helpful. She is an amazing person and a hard worker.
00:25 21 Dec 23
Great customer service..nice facility..staff always wonderful
Janna FennJanna Fenn
15:51 08 Dec 23
They have lots of machine sizes! and the big machines can fit all my bedding. I got everything washed and dried in under an hour. they also take cash and card, no coins. Makes it much easier to do laundry!
Jimmy RustlesJimmy Rustles
15:45 08 Dec 23
Best laundromat in town! ? They take cards, which is a game-changer for me – no more hunting for coins! The place is super clean, feels like my clothes are getting a spa day. Plus, it's safe and bright. No Sherlock Holmes needed to find a clean spot! 10/10 recommend. Kenova really needed this place!
Joye TuckerJoye Tucker
03:15 03 Dec 23
crystal martincrystal martin
19:42 02 Dec 23
Clean, convenient, good music, fast!
Doug FinellyDoug Finelly
20:01 22 Nov 23
The reason I gave you 4 stars is due to the restroom is as cold as an ice box. Very uncomfortable..
Melissa BachtelMelissa Bachtel
01:05 12 Nov 23
Very nice place to do laundry.Very clean , nice staff.Plenty of washer and dryers.Great location.Absolutely recommend
Curtis SiasCurtis Sias
00:26 12 Nov 23
Sonya PatrickSonya Patrick
01:24 05 Nov 23
Kyle AaronKyle Aaron
17:43 28 Oct 23
Steve MadewellSteve Madewell
22:25 25 Oct 23
Friendly staff. Dependable and efficient.
Ryan JohnsonRyan Johnson
12:45 18 Oct 23
Place is very clean, washers and dryers are state of the art. Who ever designed these knows what they are doing. 5 star in my book!!!
Rodney RobinsonRodney Robinson
12:45 18 Oct 23
Clean well priced and overall very nice
Vadis OfficesVadis Offices
18:15 02 Oct 23
I was very impressed with the quality of service at the East Huntington location
Sarah RowlettSarah Rowlett
20:52 16 Sep 23
Super clean, have to pay for the bathroom which is nice- keeps people from trashing it. I never have cash but this place takes card which is awesome. No competition here, definitely will only go to this one.
Michelle LippertMichelle Lippert
17:35 16 Sep 23
A big fat zero!!! False advertising. They do not accept cash to do laundry. There is no attendant on duty. Place is dirty. Machine holding laundry detergent broken.
Richard HowellRichard Howell
15:46 12 Sep 23
Really friendly service and loved the set up
Robbie RoyRobbie Roy
20:01 11 Sep 23
I was really high on this place and had excellent service the first time I had a problem with the machine card reader. 10 days ago I tried numerous times to reload my Spyderwash card and kept getting denied. I called and left message for help. She finally called me back 3 -4 days later and left a message. I called her back again and she said I’m on the phone now with the gas company I’ll call you right back but still hasn’t. My laundry is piling up now and I guess I will have to go somewhere else.Update- we finally connected by phone again to resolve the problem. She was very apologetic and compensated my card $15, I know she really wants to help and will do what she is capable of. I guess the Spyderwash card will not process my debit or credit cards still so I can only reload it with cash at the laundromat.
Lindsay SmithLindsay Smith
21:24 26 Aug 23
Washed and dried 9 stuffed trash bags (the standard 13 gallon kitchen ones) on heavy soil and hot (those 2 things are a tiny bit extra) for $45 (~$5 per bag) and was in and out in roughly an hour. I called ahead to get an estimate bc I had never been to a laundromat before. I said “about how much would it be for 9 standard trash bags full of dirty farm clothes?” and the lady said “load your card for $50 and it should cover it.” She nailed it! Tip - about 2 trash bags fit in a 45lb washer. But divide that among 2 dryers at least to save time bc the dryers are great but not magic OR you’ll have to start them over. Also, if you have a lot reduce the number of times you’re swiping your debit card by loading the wash card first or your bank may lock your account thinking it’s fraud activity. PS: The vending machine was broken.
17:14 25 Aug 23
Today I will be making my 3rd visit here. The machines are superb. The bathroom cost 50¢ but it's very clean. The entire building is very clean and beautifully decorated. I drive all the way from east Huntington to do my laundry here. It's beyond worth the time and gas to get there. I plan on being a customer for a long time.
Angela SullivanAngela Sullivan
11:57 22 Aug 23
I will give props for new machines; however 3.50 for cold wash 18 lb load is a bit high. No cash options (I don't like having to use my card for this type of activity). You must pay to use the restroom.
Ryan simpkinsRyan simpkins
13:05 19 Aug 23
Tillie LycansTillie Lycans
04:12 29 Jul 23
Very nice and clean place I’ll definitely go back for sure
Pamela WebbPamela Webb
10:28 11 Jul 23
It is very nice..clean and neat....price is good..bathroom is so clean...Doing laundry here is a breeze....
Skyler Ward (Moke)Skyler Ward (Moke)
18:17 08 Jul 23
Very nice! I’m was clean, plenty of room and air conditioned.
Cassandra WatsonCassandra Watson
23:53 06 Jul 23
Very nice and clean. The only downside is that some of the card readers are finicky.
Tammy McDonaldTammy McDonald
23:23 04 Nov 22
If you haven't tried this place yet, then you are seriously missing out on the cleanest, effecient Laundromat to ever hit the tristate. It is clean, machines are top quality and the dryer work wonders even with big loads. I highly recommend this place where you can come and enjoy too quality service and a place to relax while waiting in clothes
Sami Jo_ BBSami Jo_ BB
18:40 28 Oct 22
First time at this location since the reopening and it’s beautiful! Nice, high tech machines that use your card, instead of saving up tons of quarters like other laundry mats in this area. If you don’t have a card, there is an easy to use machine that converts your cash into a card that is used at this location. Even the owner stopped by and greeted everyone, asked if we liked the facility and was so friendly and accommodating. Will definitely be back! No more worrying about going to a nasty laundry mat!!
Cori HallCori Hall
12:21 13 Oct 22
I used to come here years ago. I was very happy when I found out it was open again. The only other laundry mat in Kenova is always super busy and only has a few good machines so you always have to wait to use them.This place is extremely nice! So nice that I almost was scared to use the brand new machines!! I like that you don't have to worry about having quarters and you can add money to the card with your debit card or cash. I hope that people respect the place and don't tear it up!! Thank you for upgrading this old place!! It looks great!!The stool was a nice added touch for us short girls!!
Sara FinleySara Finley
01:00 28 Sep 22
This place is nice, clean, and amazing! Best laundromat I’ve ever been too. Will most definitely be coming back.
Stephanie SeldomridgeStephanie Seldomridge
17:31 22 Sep 22
Very nice updates to the place. I’ll definitely be returning! Such an awesome place with great washer & dryers. Also love that you can purchase a payment card. Great environment.


Clean 75 Pounds of Laundry in under 1‑hour

We take laundry to the next level. Our laundromat is fully equipped with Electrolux Professional washers and dryers that are fast, reliable, and deliver the best wash results — saving you time and money!


For your convenience, here are answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The Laundry Rack is open 6AM to Midnight – 7 days a week!

Our laundromats accept cash, credit/debit cards, and Apple, Samsung and Google Pay. Don’t have cards? No problem! We have a cash changer in store.

The only form of payment we don’t accept is quarters.

Absolutely! Our laundromat is equipped with Electrolux Professional washers and dryers that deliver the best wash results for the largest loads.

The last wash is an hour before closing every night.


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